Cats and Kittens, Grab your Mittens! Keep Them Healthy with Mineral Spray

There are dog people and there are cat people. While a dog provides unadulterated and unconditional love, and is easy to command loyalty from, cats are the diametric opposite. You have to have that special “charisma” to get their attention. Cats are more about personality and panache. The only instance where they will seek your attention is when it’s time to be fed. Regardless of all that personality and what the general perception about your feline friends may be, cats can use all the care they can get. There are a variety of different nutritional supplements available for cats in different forms.

There are plenty of high quality cat food labels that cater to all the essential nutritional requirements of a cat. Of course, you need to be careful about what you buy for your cat as not all commercial labels can be trusted. Some may not meet the nutritional requirements of a cat completely and some others can even prove to be more dangerous than nutritional. Make sure you choose cat food or nutritional supplements that have been approved by the FDS or AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials)


Cats are even more difficult to feed than dogs. They simply will not be fed unless they are hungry. They are fiercely independent and generally take care of themselves pretty well. However, there may be some pets that have a medical condition as a result of which they are incapable of absorbing certain nutrients and minerals naturally. In such cases, cats will need to be provided with additional nutrition. This is where the mineral sprays for cats come in as a handy addition to your cat’s diet.

Reliable nutritional sprays for cats include Vita Feline.  And another product that can help your pet stay healthy is the Vita Canine. These sprays help to provide your cat additional nutrition in the form of essential minerals and vitamins. Vita Feline comes with taurine, vitamin A, and phosphorous. The vitamin A added in the spray facilitates the normal development of your cats. All you need to do is spray it on the regular food you give to your feline friend. You can also spray it directly into your cat’s mouth if it prefers it that way.

The spray is perfectly safe for both older cats as well as kittens. It can be added as a regular ingredient in your cat food and serves as a health supplement that ensures the natural development of your cat.



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