Joint and arthritis pain is when the body’s natural joint lubricating system (synovium  and synovial fluid) no longer works efficiently, and is when trouble starts and inflammation and joint pain and stiffness can set in.



You need to be informed and aware and recognize the tell tale signs in your middle aged and elderly cat or dog. Arthritis causes changes within the joints and can be very painful. Also bear in mind that certain breeds are more prone to joint problems than others. i.e: German Shepherds, Labradors and Golden Retrievers just to mention a few.

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If when your pet rises from sleep and has difficulty in moving, and then walks with an unusual gait preferring one leg rather than the other this limp could be a sign of arthritis. In some cases a limp may become less noticeable as the affected joint / joints warm up.

Arthritis can occur in the pet’s spine, not just the legs. This might show itself in a pet showing signs of a sore neck, an abnormal stance or moving gait, or it may become lame in one or both of its back legs.

Sprayavit Pet Eezze contains glucosamine and chondroitin, two well recognized ingredients for relief of joint pain and discomfort. Take a look at our website: and see our testimonials.

pet eezee


Has getting in and out of the car become a problem for your dog. Does going for a spin no longer give him  pleasure.

happy dog

Are stairs a problem for your dogs. They no longer scamper up and down them but struggle painfully or do not try to go upstairs or climb up on things at all.

Does your cat now walk to get to where he wants rather than jump and climb?


This could be because their joints are too painful to engage in the usual activities.

Whether it be cat or dog,  tiredness  seems to set in and they no longer to seem to have “joie de vivre”.

As a result of pain walks may become necessarily shorter and your pet could well spend more time than it used to sleeping and resting / recovering.

Try using Sprayavit Pet Eezze – it has been proven to work for dogs and cats.


Has your pet started licking, chewing and scratching at particular body parts?

dog disease

This could be because it is painful with the arthritis. This could lead to a stage where the area being chewed / licked can become swollen and hair loss takes place.

Bear in mind that arthritic cats become less mobile but  it can be difficult for you to spot the problem.


We humans can  become  cranky when in pain –  so too can our pets and they can’t tell us by speech so they have to use the mechanisms at their disposal, scratching or biting if you touch the  tender spot.

moody cat

If your pet’s behavior changes dramatically when you lift them up or pet them perhaps it is because they are in pain… an arthritic pain which can be severe and debilitating.


Dogs usually love walks and get very excited when they see their lead appearing.

If this changes and your dog is very reluctant to go for that walk it should ring alarm bells with you.

Could your dog be suffering  from  arthritis.

Do you keep your pets in warm and dry surroundings, particularly in  winter. Some dogs are kept outside and not allowed in the house so you should not be surprised if you keep your pet outside that it might develop stiffness and arthritis at an earlier age than you would normally expect.


Cold weather and damp conditions can make joints in cats and dogs stiffen up and you might see signs with difficulty in or reluctance to move normally.


As well as using Pet Eezze as a preventative you should also keep your pet’s weight under control.

Obesity exacerbates the condition.

Regular exercise will help maintain healthy joints but if your dog is suffering be guided by your vet as to the level of exercise that is appropriate.

It is important to research the breed of pet that you are thinking of getting.

Alternatively if you don’t mind about the type of breed go to the rescue center and get a pet from there. Rescue center pets will hopefully have some back ground information with them (not always the case), and the center will have looked after them well and be able to advise about particular breeds.

Enjoy yourself whatever route you take.


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