You will note that I say the best product, and not the best products for pet anxiety.

There is a very good reason for this.

Sprayavit  spray  vitamins for pets are unique.

They were the first on the market.

They are certified by The Department of Agriculture in Ireland.


That means that they can be sold in any country in the EU and farther afield.

This certificate means that all the ingredients have been analysed and vetted.

pets love

There is nothing in the sprays that can harm your pet.

The ingredients are natural, organic, gluten free, and diabetic friendly.

What earns them the title of the BEST

Apart from the above information which places Sprayavit  Spray Vitamins for Pets in a league all of their own:

Do you as a pet owner know, that when you give your pet a pill it passes through your pet’s gastrointestinal tract without dissolving.

Thereby not doing the job its manufacturers claim it does.

The answer is that many pet owners do not know and understand this.

You can do a very simple test to prove the point.


Place any of some other manufacturers  pills in a small container of malt vinegar.

This is the closest acid to our own stomach acid.

Have a look in the container after about thirty minutes.

If the pill has not dissolved then it will not  have  dissolved in your pet’s stomach either.

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Pet Kalm is a natural product that controls stress in cats and dogs and goes a long way to sort out stressful situations.


Pet Kalm can be sprayed on to your pet’s food or into its mouth.

As soon as the spray touches the inside of your pet’s mouth it is disolved into the bloodstream from the capillaries in the pet’s cheeks.

The spray product enters the blood stream in about thirty seconds and will start to do its job of relieving stress.

Sprayavit Sprays for pets by-pass the gastro intestinal tract.

The most stressed animal we have come across is a dog called Caylyn whom Jim Stephens (The Dogfather), an animal behaviourist was treating.


You can read his story and how Pet Kalm solved a problem for Jim and Caylyn.

Go to and look under testimonials.

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PET KALM  works simply and effectively, as do our other Pet Sprays.


pet kalm


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