You will note that I say the best product, and not the best products for pet anxiety.

There is a very good reason for this.

Sprayavit  spray  vitamins for pets are unique.

They were the first on the market.

They are certified by The Department of Agriculture in Ireland. Continue reading


Older dogs Pain Spray Treatment for Bones and Joints

They say you can’t teach your old dog new tricks, but if you’re bent on breaking the rules, you might as well keep him comfortable in the process. Sprayavit Pet Eezze is the comprehensive solution for keeping the bones and joints of your old canine friend. It actually strengthens bones and joints and provides them relief from any pain they might have. The spray can also be used on younger dogs, so that they grow up with strong and healthy bones and joints. There are specific dog breeds that are at a higher risk for suffering from joint problems. The spray provides the much needed relief to their troubles, keeping them lively and cheerful all the time. Continue reading