You will note that I say the best product, and not the best products for pet anxiety.

There is a very good reason for this.

Sprayavit  spray  vitamins for pets are unique.

They were the first on the market.

They are certified by The Department of Agriculture in Ireland. Continue reading


Cats and Kittens, Grab your Mittens! Keep Them Healthy with Mineral Spray

There are dog people and there are cat people. While a dog provides unadulterated and unconditional love, and is easy to command loyalty from, cats are the diametric opposite. You have to have that special “charisma” to get their attention. Cats are more about personality and panache. The only instance where they will seek your attention is when it’s time to be fed. Regardless of all that personality and what the general perception about your feline friends may be, cats can use all the care they can get. There are a variety of different nutritional supplements available for cats in different forms. Continue reading