How Pets can Improve your Health

Animals make people feel good but more than that, your pet can actually help you stay healthy. There are so many ways in which a pet can enhance a pet owner’s health.

Forget Stressforget stress

  • Pets are natural stress relievers. As you stroke your furry friend a feeling of well being ensues and stress seems to disappear. There is actually a physical change taking place in your body.
  • Tests have shown that having a pet can help keep the blood pressure at acceptable levels. The same is true of children with hypertension. Pet owners have a lower risk of dying from heart failure than those who don’t.
  • Therapists have been known to recommend having a pet as a way of dealing with depression.

Remain FitRemain fit with pets

Of course pet owners who exercise regularly will obviously be more physically fit than those who don’t exercise. It is very important to remember that walking helps maintain healthy joints and this in itself could prevent osteoporosis in later life.


  • Have you participated in DOGA that is yoga for pets and pet owners?
  • Researchers say that a cat may have a more calming on their owners than any other animal.
  • Cats often become the focus of their owner’s interest and this helps them forget other stresses and worries.

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